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Hi Ladies, What are men looking for?

May 30, 2019

Check Your Supply Channels

May 17, 2019

Order: The First Law of Increase

May 3, 2019

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   About Me   

Stephen Omojuyigbe

Media Enterpreneur, Talk Show Host, EI Expert Facilitator The Soulmakeover Company/Imbevent Consulting

Stephen Omojuyigbe is a life and business transformation strategist. Stephen has over 20 years experience as a consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator. He trained originally as a Chemical Engineer but has worked in Consulting and Enterprise all his professional life. 

Stephen is passionate about the unlocking and development of the human potential and specializes in personal growth and relationship development both in the work place and out of it.

Stephen is an expert trainer and facilitator and he brings a rich depth of wisdom to the training room. He is an alumni of the TalentSmart USA train the trainer program in Emotional Intelligence. 

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