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Stephen Omojuyigbe Coaching Academy - SOCA

Transformative LIFE Coaching

Certificate Course

This October   |    2 weekends a month    | 3 months

  • Refer someone and pay 180k

  • Installment Payment allowed (for both one-time & discounted payments)


  1. The Three Months transformative training.

  2. Training CDs worth N20,000, absolutely free.

  3. One personal coaching session with me, worth N125,000.00, absolutely free.

  4. Practical sessions during the training, with real-life clients, having real-life problems.

  5. Guaranteed mastery at the end of the training.

  6. Tools of the trade. Everything you need to get started, for completely free.

  7. Access to, and leverage on, my Coaching and Training network all over the world.